10 Places in Greece you’d Rather Be Right Now

As the last day of August is slowly fading away, many will state that summer is officially over. Well, that is not the case for us. We might say goodbye to those beautiful salty nights but we cannot let go just yet. Here in Greece, when the summer months are over, it does not necessarily mean that “our summer” is over.

Autumn is one of the best times to visit Greece, specifically September and October. The high season starts to wind down in September and conditions are ideal once more until the end of October. The weather is still warm, mostly on the islands, with a few drops of rain here and there and you can enjoy your holiday without being suffocated by the crowds, while tickets, accommodation and services prices are dramatically reduced. Beauty is all around; the light is softer, the sea often balmier than the air and the colors subtler.

Discover places that can transform the upcoming fall into a never-ending summer adventure that will leave you speechless and wanting for more.

In which Greek island would you rather disappear to right now?

  • Mykonos


Well-known for its cosmopolitan character, the island of Mykonos is ideal for those searching for a luxurious and glamorous destination. Yet now, it is the perfect time to experience the other side of Mykonos with serene holidays and lower accommodation prices instead of the non stop party action of the summer. With the weather still warm and bright, it’s the best time to enjoy more personal space on the beaches and  soak up the sun without being packed amongst the crowds. Do not miss to visit Delos archaeological site, the quaint village of Ano mera and Little Venice, the best spot to sip the sunset in Mykonos.One of the most popular and authentic spots throughout the island is the Mykonos’ Windmills, while the Old Town is a labyrinth of narrow, cobbled streets lined with white-washed cubic houses with blue wooden shutters and balconies. The beaches on the south shore of the island have the best sand, views and waters.

  • Santorini


Worldwide known for its breathtaking volcanic landscape and the mind-blowing sunsets, Santorini is beautiful and unique as always. And right now the charming fairy of the Aegean calls you to enjoy her graces without the vast crowds of summer. Now it is the time to enjoy tranquility in the most popular spots in Santorini, breathtaking sunsets from the Kastro walls and why not live the most memorable moments with your other half in the most romantic Greek island. Do not miss to visit the archaeological sites of Akrotiri and ancient Thera, swim in the volcanic Red Beach, explore the fascinating Santorini Caldera on a boat trip and taste the spirit of the island on a Santorini wine tour. Clear deep waters, white washed houses, picturesque villages and the crimson sunsets; create such an idyllic atmosphere, which will make your vacations there unforgettable.

  • Kefalonia

myrtos sunset kefalonia

Welcome to the island of diversity! A popular family destination, the island of Kefalonia is filled with contrasts, with its imposing mountains and cliffs on one hand, and with the sparkling crystal clear waters on the other. This is an island where you have to take your time exploring it and discover its numerous hidden treasures. From the north to the south you will be impressed by the beauty of its seashores, sandy or pebbled and always with turquoise waters, the lush vegetation that cover the biggest part of the island, the charming villages with its hospitable and open-hearted residents and the  many historic monuments of the past. With September rapidly approaching, the holiday season is winding down. It’s not very hot but still warm and pleasant, perfect for days at the beach which is surprisingly warm.  The weather is fine for activities like hiking and cycling among the lush nature, this is the perfect timing to combine beach and mountain holidays.

  • Chania, Crete



Words are needless when speaking of the island of Crete. You have to visit it to fully understand its value. It is the biggest island of Greece with a warm climate all year round that makes it a perfect destination for every season. As it is situated in the southernmost Greek island and very close to Northern Africa, the weather in Chania remains warm and fair till mid October. The town of Chania, with its multicultural colours and vibes, is an excellent spot to accommodate, enjoy fine, exotic nearby beaches, luscious nature and explore the best of Crete island.  While in Chania, do not miss the most iconic places to visit: the cosmopolitan Chania old town, Gramvousa and Balos lagoon, Elafonissi beach, the Samaria gorge, Aptera archaeological site. Rough sceneries with mountains, valleys with rich greenery and beautiful beaches create a combination that will leave you breathless. It is an island idyllic for families with safe and organized beaches and many activities for the whole family, but also for couples and those of you looking to have some fun and party while on vacation.

  • Corfu


When you think of elegance and architecture you have to think of Corfu. Influenced by several western civilizations that once occupied the island, such as the Sicilians, the Venetians, the French and the British, Corfu has many unique characteristics and is a mixture of many different styles with the Venetian playing the most important role. Imposing mansions and palaces, paved streets surrounded by neoclassical buildings and beautiful ports and seashores will make your trip to Corfu an unforgettable experience. Wander down Liston Street with its tall arcaded buildings, fashionable restaurants and cafés and feel the Venetian aura of the island.

  • Zante


A paradise on earth with mountains, gulfs, sandy beaches and fertile valleys, the island of Zante is a very popular destination both for its beauty and its parties! However, the most stunning asset of the island can the found on its West coast where one see the blue caves of Zante. Located in a quite wild, rural, and less transited area the blue caves are only accessible by the sea and when near them you will be able to see the  reflected striking blue color of the waters and sky on the surface of the caves, thus creating a mystical atmosphere that is better appreciated at sunrise or sunset.

  • Rhodes


Buildings, forts, knights and ancient cities will travel you back in time and show you life from a different and far distant era. You will fell in love with the island of Rhodes even if you are not a history lover. Cobble-paved streets will lead to around the medieval relics of the old town of Rhodes. The Butterfly Valley of Rhodes, with its running waters, wooden bridges, lakes and lush vegetation compose a unique sight that will take your breath away. Charming villages and stunning sandy beaches with clear blue waters complete the beautiful environment. You will not be able to resist to Rhodes’ charm!

  • Skiathos


A small and picturesque island of Greece, Skiathos is known for its over 60 sandy beaches and is a popular destination for both youth and families. Skiathos town with its red-roofed, white-washed houses is set at two low hills and is the most active and vivid part of the island day and night. Around Skiathos on the inland, you will find pine trees abound with forests located in the southwestern and northern regions, while the most known beaches are located on the southern side of the island, including the bay of Koukounaries and the impressively exotic beach of Lalaria, which is accessible only by boat.

  • Paros


Located at the heart of the Cyclades, the island of Paros is one of the most beloved destinations in Greece. Traditional whitewashed cubic houses, mixed with Venetian architecture and neoclassical mansions, wonderful churches dating from the 15th century and whitewashed windmills create a stunning sight for the eyes. Sun-drenched beaches where you can enjoy the crystal clear sea, beautiful traditional villages like Naousa and Lefkes and unrivalled natural beauty await you. White and blue combined beautifully!

  • Syros


Before you set foot on the island, Syros will take your breath away just by watching Ermoupolis’ picturesque port from the boat. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to Syros it is absolutely right. Tradition meets western influence and Ermoupolis distinguishes for the elegant Venetian mansions, the large churches and the impressive neoclassical buildings, while its architecture is considered to be more Medieval than Cycladic. Enchanting and small fishing villages, beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets, create a unique environment for both families and couples.

Impressions to share, moments to remember in Greece, just as the summer fades away.

That “Pinch me, are we really here?” moment.