Paros villages

A tour around Paros villages

Experience collectors, it’s about time to explore Paros settlements and enjoy scenic landscape blending with typical Cycladic architecture and cosmopolitan spirit. Join us on a tour around Paros villages and set yourselves at the magnificent cycladic scenery.


It is one of the most typical Cycladic settlements as it is distinguished by its narrow cobbled paths, old churches, small shops and houses with flat roofs, whitewashed walls and blue-painted doors. Shadowed by luxuriant vines and surrounded by orange and pomegranate gardens, the village offers a quaint ambience. The medieval castle, built from marble remains of an ancient temple, lays in ruins on the seaside hill. In the main square of Parikia, find the principal church Panagia Ekatontapiliani, literally meaning “church of the hundred doors”.

Paros villages- Parikia

Naoussa Village

On the northern side of the island, lies the bay of Naoussa (Naussa) or Agoussa. It is the second most important village of Paros, which provides a safe and spacious harbor. The narrow alleys and the Venetian Castle on the beach, in addition to the rowing fish boats, create picturesque scenery which coexists harmoniously with the cosmopolitan atmosphere and vivid nightlife.

Paros villages - Naousa

Prodromos Village

Located on a hill on the southeast of Parikia, Prodromos is another traditional settlement of Cycladic architecture, with whitewashed cube houses built close to each other. A village covered in bougainvillea,  pretty in pink steals all impressions.

Paros Villages - Prodromos

Lefkes Village

Lefkes is a mountain village, 10 km far from Parikia. Built on a hill covered with olive and pine trees at an altitude of 300 metres above the sea level, offers breathtaking view to Naxos Island. Narrow alleys, whitewashed houses full of flowers and herbs as well as the authentic lifestyle of the locals, set up one of the most beautiful villages in the Greek islands.
Paros Villages - Lefkes