Amazing Spring in Tinos

Spring is just around the corner in Greece and the islands during this time of the year appear as green as you can imagine! Although travelers are used to visit the Cyclades during the summer months, spring is offering a great opportunity to admire the nature’s beauty, as this year’s unprecedented snowfalls have made the landscape even more beautiful!

The village of Triantaros

The village of Triantaros. Photo Credits: P. Klappas

Among the hidden “secrets of beauty” in Tinos is the water reserve of Vaketa, not far from “Chora”, the town of the island. An afternoon walk there makes you admire the dramatic beauty of the scenery with the steep rock of Xomburgo and the famous dovecotes, the landmark of Tinian landscape on the backdrop.

Vaketa's water reserve

Vaketa’s water reserve. Photo Credits: X. Laskaris

The following period is very active in Tinos with local celebrations, making some days even more special. Tinos has also its own carnival, organized with great enthusiasm and spirit. The parade and the carnival celebrations combined with the national holiday of “Ash Monday” make it a great opportunity for a 3day excursion in the island.

Carnival parade in Tinos

Carnival parade in Tinos. Photo Credits: X. Laskaris

During Ash Monday, the sky gets dotted with colorful  kites, marking the beginning of the 40days countdown till Easter. As religious celebrations get a deep spiritual meaning in Tinos, Easter is celebrated with a series of many special customs that offer unique experiences,  such as the epitaph of Saint Nickolas church carried from priests and people, gets into the seaside, close to the port of the island.

Easter in Tinos.

Easter in Tinos. Photo Credits: X. Laskaris

With more than 50 well organized villages, the mainland of Tinos is full of surprising spots to walk around and discover. Hiking becomes more popular every year, as travelers from all over the world visit the island to experience its 12 well preserved hiking routes that cross those villages. By downloading the app iTinos through the Appstore or Playstore, you will have information about them, many travel tips and digital maps at your fingertips!

Hiking routes in Tinos

Hiking routes in Tinos

Whenever you decide to visit Tinos, be sure that you will explore an amazing place of pure beauty!