An amazing Bohemian Retreat at Kefalonia

A nineteenth century farmhouse was totally renovated in 2015 to become a luxury retreat in the heart of Kefalonia Island.

Surrounded by tended gardens and olive groves, Bohemian Retreat will pamper you with its luxurious indoors and its manicured outdoor spots ideal for enjoying the comfortable tranquility of Kefalonia Island.

As the sun goes down on a balmy summer evening and you’d like to stay home grab yourself a bottle of Kefalonian wine and enjoy a private Open-Air Cinema experience. It’s hard to find most romantic experience than settling down in a deckchair to watch a classic film under the stars!

The striking two-building complex is laid out around a central courtyard and a large patio with lounge chairs surrounds the private swimming pool. Gathering spaces within Bohemian Retreat plot, alternate between larger spaces and more intimate niches, allowing for thorough indulgence in relaxation and pleasure that will become a lasting memory of your time here.

An amazing Bohemian Retreat at Kefalonia that combines contemporary style with a romantic atmosphere and privacy.

It offers everything today’s experienced traveler may demand regarding sophisticated accommodation.

Elegant and harmonious, this summer getaway is the perfect place for guests to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a unique holiday ambience.

Luxurious and pampering, the Bohemian Retreat lavishes travelers with discreet service in plush refinement.

Stylish minimalism, quaint architecture and the beginning of your summer dreams in Kefalonia.