April Breaks: The best islands to visit – Part 1

Hello April! As spring slowly warms up, the vacation season for most of the Greek islands starts right here. Aegean and Ionian islands are just waking up after the winter blues and getting ready to give travellers life time experiences. At this time of the year local businesses rejuvenate their image and they are ready to welcome people from all over the world to assist them in indulging in the island’s beauties and services, all accompanied by the famous Greek hospitality.

One of the highlights during spring season is the Orthodox Easter, which is lively celebrated in traditional ways all over Greek islands. We picked for you the top islands to experience the best of April. So do your civic duty and book tickets now.


little venice panoramic view

Mykonos is the well-known island of the winds. A cosmopolitan island that is located in the heart of Cyclades complex, filled with both jet setters and those looking to experience its more serene side alike. Luxury boutique hotels, beautiful scenery and pristine beaches will satisfy even the most demanding travellers. Apart from worldwide known Party Island,

Mykonos is also a destination of majestic sightseeing and a short 30 minute boat ride away to the island of Delos, the birthplace of the Gods Apollo and Artemis. Don’t leave without seeing Petros the pelican, the official mascot of the island.


Colourful Santorinib


Only a few islands all over the world have been loved as much as Santorini.

Santorini is the remedy after an enormous volcanic eruption in the history of mankind 3.500 years ago. The Red beach, the black sand beach and the White beach are some of the famous volcanic origin beaches of the island.

Sunsets are inherently romantic but those in caldera are truly surreal. Thera the capital of Santorini and Pyrgos Village are all great choices.

Luxury hotels as well as traditional restaurants, famous for their fresh fish have many mouthwatering culinary experiences to offer to travallers.



Located between the Aegean Sea and the coast of middle East Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecanese and known as the island of the knights. Wandering around Rhodes old town where the history lights shine, so does the Greek culture. The Palace of the Grand Masters, the museum of the decorative arts and St. Mary’s Church should be added to “do not miss” list. Also island hopping is always the best way to end your trip. Symi is the nearest neighboring island located 25 miles north-west of Rhodes.





Tinos is one of the most gifted islands of the Aegean. With its cultural heritage and beautiful beaches attracts each year hundreds thousands travelers. The Holly church of PanagiaEvangelistria is one of the most famous monasteries all over the world while prayers arrive at Tinos every year to get Virgin Mary’s grace and celebrate Easter in the springtime. Golden beaches sings its siren song also provide moments of relaxation and amusement. Take the chance to visit Tinos and explore its pure beauty!


paros-naoussa-kastell 800

Placed in the heart of Cyclades islands, Paros is as much famous for its lovely beaches , as for its nightlife. Everyone will find something exciting in Paros. The younger one will love beach parties , nightclubs and beach bars ready to serve some frozen mojitos. Fans of relaxation will adore beaches such as Kolymbithres, Lefkes and Golden beach. Do not lose the opportunity to visit the Church of PanagiaEkatontapiliani one of the oldest and best preserved churches in Greece. A great idea to end your trip is to visit the small island of Antiparos, 1 km southwest of Paros which can be easily reached by a ferry.



Looking for off the beaten track alternatives and places that are teeming with authenticity? If you’re in need of a true island escape in Greece, then there is an under-the-radar place that will live you at awe.

Swathed in smooth turquoise waters, butterfly-shaped and located exactly where the Dodecanese meets the Cyclades, the island of Astypalea boasts as an idyllic destination for alternative holidays, which will give you a deep insight to the authentic Greek life.  The island of Astypalea boasts a centuries-old history as well as a centuries-old traditional cuisine. Rich in gastronomy and natural beauty, your vacation on the island will give you the chance to enjoy fresh seafood, local produce, and plentiful wine. Experience one of Greece’s most well-hidden destinations and dive into a world of tactile delights.