April Breaks: The best islands to visit – Part 2

We strolled through the gems of the Aegean, so how about visiting the Ionian waters now? Beauty is all around; the light is softer, the sea often balmier than the air and the colors subtler. Discover places that can transform the upcoming season into a never-ending adventure that will leave you speechless and wanting for more.

At this time of the year local businesses rejuvenate their image and they are ready to welcome people from all over the world to assist them in indulging in the island’s beauties and services, all accompanied by the famous Greek hospitality.

One of the highlights during spring season is the Orthodox Easter, which is lively celebrated in traditional ways all over Greek islands. We picked for you the top islands to experience the best of April. So do your civic duty and book tickets now.



Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly above Corfu’s blue sky. Sidari beach, Arillas , Glyfada, Barbati are only a few beaches where you can enjoy the Greek sun and also lots of activities such as yachting water sports, diving , cycling throughout the entire island and last but not least hiking mountains. Corfu is the best place to witness the most stunning fest of Greek Easter, known as Pascha. On Holy Saturday morning takes place the celebration of the “Early Resurection” where people throw down large clay pots full of water to smash on the street of the Liston square. You will definitely come back for more.



The largest of the Ionian Islands is also the island of diversities. Kefalonia combines both mountain and sea. Anything from crystal clear water beaches like well-known Mirtos and Antisamos, to the imposing mountain of Ainos which is covered with unique in Greece black pine trees. Perhaps the most photogenic scenes the Cave of Melissani Lake, also known as the cave of the Nymphs, can be found on the east coast of the island where you can enjoy a boat trip to its mirror like waters. Also the religious center of Kefalonia is without a doubt the holly Monastery of St.Gerasimos where thousands of believers gather to pray and celebrate the Orthodox Easter (Pascha) during the spring.



A paradise on earth with mountains, gulfs, sandy beaches and fertile valleys, the island of Zante is a very popular destination both for its beauty and its parties! However, the most stunning asset of the island can the found on its West coast where one see the blue caves of Zante. Located in a quite wild, rural, and less transited area the blue caves are only accessible by the sea and when near them you will be able to see the  reflected striking blue color of the waters and sky on the surface of the caves, thus creating a mystical atmosphere that is better appreciated at sunrise or sunset.