Best Greek island destinations for free camping

Best Greek island destinations for free camping

Free camping is a type of holiday that used to be really popular mostly during the 60’s and 70’s, but  it faded away as an idea as the years passed. Nowadays,  it is rather obvious that it makes a great comeback. Besides the luxury hotels and expensive destinations that used to be part of a dreamy holiday concept, this is an alternative type of vacations in magnificent destinations that are yet to be discovered and loved. If you are a keen nature lover, you definitely have to live the experience of free camping. Greece boasts of great beaches in unique landscapes, ideal for this kind of vacation.
Below you can read the best island destinations for free camping in Greece:

Ikaria – Anafi (Roukounas Beach) – Samothraki

The island of Ikaria is located at the southwest of Samos in the Aegean Sea, Anafi is a Greek islet in Cyclades and Samothraki (or Samothrace) is an island in the northern Aegean Sea. What could be the link between these three places? The answer is simple: they are the most visited islands in Greece for free camping while featuring landscapes of unique beauty. Every year hundreds of people choose to spend their vacations camping on the dramatic beaches and relax through the untamed beauty of the islands.

Best Greek Island destinations for free camping

Best Greek Island destinations for free camping – Ikaria

Tilos – Eristos beach

It might seem to be a little too far away to travel to but the beauty of the island is going to repay you. A stunning beach with fine golden sand, glass clear deep waters and facilities available for free campers await you. Public showers, toilets and litter bins are provided by the local community, while a vast number of taverns and mini markets can cater for your needs for food and supplies. The only thing you have to be careful about is scorpions, which seem to thrive on the island.

Irakleia, Donousa and Kato Koufonisi

These islands are located at the Aegean Sea and, along with Schinoussa, Ano Koufonisi and Keros islands they form the complex of the Small Cyclades. They are relatively small islands and still untouched by civilization and massive tourism. Free Camping is a must there, with the wild beauty of nature, the breathtaking beaches and their crystal green-blue waters. There aren’t many facilities on these islands so you have to be prepared for almost everything, but if you are looking for quiet and relaxing vacations these are the islands for you!


How about camping in African landscape at the southernmost point of Europe? Then Gavdos is your destination.  Gavdos is also the southernmost Greek island, located to the south of its much larger neighbor, Crete. With approximately 100 resident citizens and not a clue of organized tourism, the island is ideal for free camping. In Sarakiniko beach you can enjoy fine local specialties in the small taverns, while the dramatic scenery in Ai Gianni beach will leave you in awe. One piece of advice though: forget the car and enjoy the island and its beauties on foot or by bike. Besides, the island is consisted  100% of sand dunes and cedar trees!

Best Greek island destinations for free camping

Best Greek island destinations for free camping – Gavdos


In the island of Marathi you can find complete isolation and relaxation. There are no roads and therefore no cars, while you can access the island only by inflatable boat or sailboats. The hospitality of the locals will make you feel at home and you can enjoy fine food at the local taverns. The most important thing though is the isolated and crystal clear waters of its seashores.

Important note: We should warn you that the placement of tents or parking caravans to archaeological sites, sea shores, beaches, forest edges and public areas generally is prohibited by Law in Greece. The offenders can be arrested by the local police and punished with redeemable three months imprisonment and a fine of 150 Euros paid to the local municipality. The implementation of all the above depends on multiple factors, including the treatment and perception of the local authorities on the matter, luck and of course your own behavior.

If you enjoy this type of vacation, we are certain that you will relax and have the time of your life wherever you choose to go!
Thought, do not forget respect nature, your surroundings and the local residents.