Best Hiking Routes in Paros

Best Hiking Routes in Paros

Paros features scenic routes along the coast and across the inland as well, offering highways and byways for all tastes. Walk through lush trails and discover the natural beauty of the island among blooming landscapes during spring and indulging herbal essences during summer. Let’s explore the best hiking routes in Paros, step by step:

A Hike from Kolimpithres to Cape Korakas & Cape Almiros:

A beautiful coastal route that will lead you to secluded small coves of great beauty! Walk from Kolimpithres to Cape Korakas, where you can find the lighthouse. Keep walking along the coast, get past the monastery of Saint John Detis and reach Cape Almiros. Between Cape Almiros and the monastery you can find small coves and pebbly or sandy beaches, quite favoured by naturists. Stop for a refreshing dip if you like. Then, you can follow the same route back to Kolimpithres. The route is about 12 kilometers long in total.

If you don’t turn back to Kolimpithres, you can choose to continue left on the mountain  from the beach in front of the monastery, and descend to a beautiful bay for a sea dip. The coastal path will lead you to the Turk’s coast (Gialos tou Tourkou), a beautiful beach with deep blue waters.

Best Hiking Routes in Paros - The Byzantine Trail

Best Hiking Routes in Paros – The Byzantine Trail

Hike the Byzantine Trail:
Lefkes > Prodromos > Marpissa: The old Byzantine route also known as “the Byzantine Trail” leads from the traditional settlement of Lefkes to Prodromos village. The marble-paved path crosses the untouched, herb-scented nature of Paros inland. When in Prodromos, follow the path that leads to the traditional settlement of Marpissa and reach the monastery of Saint Anthony at Kefalos hill. For a sea dip, follow the walkway from Prodromos village to the beach of Drios.