Best Restaurants in Mykonos 2014

Mykonos Island is renowned for its cosmopolitan flair, with a great variety of choices for fine dining offered in the myriad of restaurants, cafes, tavernas, beach and snack bars scattered around the island. We picked for you the  most sophisticated and stylish venues to enjoy fine quality food among the Best Restaurants in Mykonos 2014 .

Interni Restaurant

When it comes to high gastronomy, Interni Restaurant is an enduring value. Variety in culinary creations, quality food, excellent service and chic lounge ambience in the most beautiful garden in Mykonos, add up to an memorable epicurean experience.



Kiku Restaurant

Experience a journey to the rising sun gastronomy! Housed in award-winning Cavo Tagoo Hotel, Kiku restaurant is the ultimate venue to experience top quality Japanese cuisine. With superb service, remarkable wine list and beautiful vistas, it’a a an amazing  spot where East meets West in the Aegean Sea.

Kiku Cavo Tagoo

 To Maereio Restaurant

A small family run restaurant will introduce you to the rich traditional cuisine of the island, made exclusively with local products and home grown ingredients. Warm and cozy environment and friendly staff, gives the impression of having dinner with your family.

To maerio


Familia Restaurant

The name says it all: Familia! Enjoy Mediterranean flavours and fresh fish in a family atmosphere surrounded by bougainvillea in one of the most beautiful squares in Mykonos . For a gastronomic delight, you definitely have to try their specialty dish “Shrimp giouvetsi with truffle mushroom”.

Appaloosa Restaurant

Your ultimate gastronomic destination for amazing culinary trips to a world of flavours! Enjoy homemade cooking with delicacies from Greece to Mexico, India and Indonesia, organic dishes and a big variety of salads, prepared with the freshest ingredients.
appaloosa ethnic restaurant

Nikos Taverna

Since 1976, Niko’s taverna is the synonym to fresh fish delicacies for foodies in Mykonos.  Especially known as the only tavern that procures fresh fish in Chora, is popular with locals and visitors that enjoy Niko’s homemade cuisine and excellent service in a traditional ambience. Do not get surprised if you witness guests or waiters petting Petros, the famous Pelican.
Nikos Taverna


Hippie Fish

Hippie Fish Beach Restaurant, blends successfully traditional Mykonian and Greek cuisine with fun beyond dinning. Dedicated in authenticity, great service and attention to detail, people of Hippie Fish promise you to experience the real essence of Mykonos.
hippie fish