Best Weekend Getaways in Patras

The port of Patras is the entrance to Greece for many travelers, hence  Patras is a cosmopolitan place featuring the facilities of a modern city combined with the gorgeous landscape of Peloponnese. Take a short break and enjoy shopping, art events and vivid nightlife in the city while spending some time to visit …

The Beaches of Kalogria in Strofilia  Ecosystem: Enjoy a unique experience of freshness, relaxation and fun at the blue flag awarded beaches in the northwestern part of Peloponnese. Here you can find beaches for all tastes, sandy, pebbly or rocky, secluded or cosmopolitan, spreading at the shadow of the mountains of Achaia.

Cave of the Lakes: The cave is a unique natural phenomenon. Apart from the labyrinthine corridors, mysterious tunnels and strange stalactite formations, it features a series of cascading lakes spreading over three levels, which makes it one of a kind. It is the bed of an old underground river and at winter, when the snow melts the cave is transformed into a subterranean river with natural waterfalls. Fossilized bones of humans and various animals, including a hippopotamus,  were found on the lower floor of the cave.


Top Weekend Getaways

Top Weekend Getaways – Cave of the Lakes

Monastery of Agia Lavra: Just six kilometres west of Kalavrita lies the historic monastery of Agia Lavra, founded in 961 AD.  The monastery became the core of the national revolution of 1821, when Paleon Patron Germanos raised the banner of revolution where the fighters swore allegiance to the cause. Apart from the Banner of the Revolution, the monastery also houses the skull of St. Alexios, which was donated to the monastery by the Byzantine Emperor Manuel Comnenus in 1359 and more relics and shrines of Saints, two Gospel manuscripts on velum, etc.