Best winter destinations in Greece – Ioannina

Best winter destinations – Ioannina Greece

Greece is an all-year-round destination with many hidden treasures that wait for you to discover them. It’s only natural to think of the beaming sunsets and crystal clear waters of summer, but in reality winter in Greece has its own uniqueness. Let’s explore the beauty of the city of Ioannina that is considered to be one of the best winter destinations in Greece!

Surrounded by abundant natural beauty and rough mountains, the city of Ioannina lies in the middle of a plain and spreads to the shores of Lake Pamvotis and its little island in the middle. The town combines beautifully its rich history and modern lifestyle as the capital of the province of Epirus. The old part of the city is ‘trapped’ within the walls of its imposing castle, while Ioannina acts as a commercial and cultural centre of the North-Western part of Greece.

Best winter destinations in Greece – Ioannina

Aspect of the Old City

This picturesque yet lively city thrives with historical monuments and museums that echo the greatness of its past and multicultural background, which was dominated mainly by Christian, Islamic and Jewish influences. Lake Pamvotis is one of the main characteristics of the town, carrying legends from the Ottoman times while offers amazing view. When in Ioannina, you should visit the Pavlos Vrellis Museum of Wax effigies, the unusual Perama Cave, and wonderful buildings such as the House Matei Hussein, the Ottoman mosque of Veli Pasha and the Stoa Louli arcade.

In winter, you will have the chance to be fascinated by the city ‘dressed in white’.  For the adventurous ones that seek the thrill in everyday life, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of extreme sports like rafting, skiing, rides with snowmobiles, climbing, ‘parapente’, etc.

Ioannina is a magical city that will travel you back in time and captivate you with its charm and beauty. It is rightfully considered to be one of the best winter destinations in Greece!