Corfu Palace Luxury Hotel: Where Pleasure Meets Hospitality in Corfu

Your accommodation on the Corfu island is itself an experience of a lifetime. The island named in the history as Faiakes was famous for its hospitality. It is one of the most beautiful Greek islands with distinguished beaches, a unique Old Town which was built by Venetians and indescribable natural beauty that its visitors cannot forget.

The local people include Corfu Palace at the landmarks of Corfu. It offers superior accommodation in an environment of romance and finesse. The impressive Corfu Palace Luxury Hotel is located at the one of the most strategic points of the island facing the magnificent view of Garitsa Bay and the Mainland, just 400 meters from the center of Corfu Town. The spacious marble interior and the impressive hotel lounge warmly welcome its demanding clients. The same feelings will follow you within its 106 rooms and suites.

Their main priority is to accomplish your needs and your requirements. Their dedication based on the traditional Swiss hospitality will easily make you feel as being at your home. This luxury boutique hotel’s southeast aspect allows the sunlight and its therapeutic and beneficial virtues are all day long with us.

Truly a feast for your eyes only!

The lovers of Corfu thought the historical Corfu Palace as an old time classic choice. It is located in the centre of Corfu Island, just 5’ from the well known Liston and it operates all year round. It was built on 1954 from the famous architect Sakelarios and it is well appreciated from the local people as it is a legend for the Island. It has friends from all over the world who visit it very often. A great lord, who will enchant you with its self-confidence and hospitality, Corfu Palace is simply the absolute host of Corfu!

Impressive and very famous, being built on a rich green environment; Corfu Palace Hotel enjoys the unique view of Garitsa Bay, Old Fortress and the Mainland. It is located 400m away from the centre of the Old Town.

The spacious hotel lounge with the impressive staircase and its well polished marble steps, the 106 elegant and spacious rooms and suites including the VIP floor welcome even the most demanding guest. The hospitable atmosphere, the well-known and eminent kitchen as well as its advanced services are offered within this historic hotel. Open all year round.

The Corfu Palace offers a traditional and elegant atmosphere where each guest can experience the Greek hospitality with personalized service and attention to the detail based on the Swiss hospitality tradition.

Thanks to the long-lived tradition, the Corfu Palace can justifiably be described as one of the most elegant and unique hotels in Greece.