Scenic cycle routes around Kefalonia

Apart from the usual activities that are featured in every island (swimming, scuba diving, boat tours), Kefalonia has beautiful highways and byways for the lovers of cycling. Get ready to enjoy every single spin of your bike wheels!
Things you will need for sure: A backpack, your mobile phone for any emergency, map (it’s on your iPhone ;)), bottles of water and the necessary snacks! Last but not least, put your sneakers on and make sure that the tires and breaks of you bike are in good condition, since the routes are long.

Sami – Melissani Drogarati
If you are staying in Sami, you can start with a short ride. So, you can visit Melissani lake and Drogarati cave, a 26-km route, combined with a swim on the beach .


Argostoli – Mousata
For a rather short and beautiful route,  ride from Argostoli to Mousata village. It’s about 20km and not really hard drive.
Argostoli- Fiscardo
Do you love long distances? Then ride  from Argostoli to Fiskardo. It’s 50km long and hard enough but the nature and the view you will meet through cycling, will reward you to the maximum!


Sami – Poros
The ride from Sami to Poros village is another beautiful but rather hard route. It is 29 km long and towards the end of the drive you will meet a great canyon before you reach the coastal village of Poros.

Argostoli – Fanari – Platis Gialos
Not only short and comfortable but also beautiful with amazing sea view, is the drive from Argostoli to Platis Gialos beach, not through the central avenue that is preferred from the majority but through the Fanari coastal road. You can have a break to rest and enjoy the view from Katavothres area and Agion Theodoron lighthouse.
Argostoli – Farsa
If you cycle, this ride is a must! It is rather short, almost 10 km. Apart from the fantastic view you will meet through the drive, when  reaching Farsa Village you can see the old village with houses that held the damage from the collapsing earthquake in 1953. This route is not well-known and the view combined with the old village definitely worth it!