Emporio village in Santorini: a stop over in the past!

Even though it is located a breath away from the crowded beaches of Perivolos and Perissa in Santorini, Emporio village is the entry to another, past era. The small whitewashed houses carved in the rocks and the narrow alleys compose a unique architecture, lively and originally illustrating the past. The quaint architecture as well as the natives’characteristic dialect dignify the uniqueness of this village.

 Eborio village: a stop over in the past!

Emporio village was the commercial centre of Santorini during the Venetian Occupation and the village is probably named after that fact, since “emporio” is the greek word for trade. Here, the castle ruins of Goulas and the Kasteli monument are the remains of  the past days of economic prosperity.
Goulas is a square medieval castle in the entrance of the village, where one can see the typical defensive construction with pots which were filled with hot oil and poured over the enemies. Kastelli is a fortress settlement of the post-Byzantine era.
Don’t omit to visit the row of windmills on Gavrilos hill, the Church of Agios Nikolaos Marmaritis (ancient temple converted to a Christian church) and the Ancient Ehentra with the tombs carved on the rock!