Explore southern Kefalonia in a day

Our expedition in Kefalonia continues in the southern region of the island, exploring Skala, Poros and Ratzakli villages, picturesque settlements featuring beautiful beaches as well as significant archaeological sites.

Start your journey with a visit to the archaeological site of Mycenaean burial vault, located in Tzanata village. This is the most important discovery in the area, due to its size (6,8 m. diameter, 3,95 m. height) and its level of retention. The golden discoveries indicate the burial of a significant person, which witnesses the existence of an important Mycenaean centre there, connecting it with Homer’s Ithaca.
Heading in the direction of Poros, take a detour to visit the oldest monastery of the island, Atros Monastery and enjoy the magnificent view!

Continue your way to Poros from the main road and you will pass from the most beautiful gorge of the island. Soon, you’ll find yourself in Poros. Here, walk around the small, picturesque settlement, it worth it!
Then, take the coastal road to Skala, a beautiful seaside resort with a long, sandy organised beach surrounding crystal clear waters.  The sea is deep, thus rather cool in its temperature. Here you can also visit the ruins of a Roman manor, built in the 2nd century AD, which was brought to light in 1957.
At the end of the expedition, fill your energy up with a pleasing meal at a restaurant in Skala or drive to Katelios coastal village to savour fresh fish dishes!