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Use the travel guide and find the best place to stay, choose your restaurant or your entertainment and go for shopping. Every place of the directory includes photos, description, contact info and place on map

– Hotels, Villas, Boutique Hotel, Hotel Spa
– Restaurant, taverns, fast food, delivery
– Café, Bar, Clubs, Fun, Beach Bar
– Shopping, Markets, Services

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100% Offline applications


Our travel guides are available on the go, so you don’t have to worry about data roaming charges.



About the Guide 


All you need to know about your destination quickly and easy in your phone. Extensive amounts of   information so as the traveller gets acquainted with the place. These amazing mobile guides provide all the information a traveller has to know such as: general info of the island, beaches, local weather, attractions, hotels, bars, activities, maps, stunning images and useful telephone numbers.

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Holidays have never been so easy


The best user-friendly maps that get you exactly where you want.Extensive amounts of information so as you get acquainted with your destination.


Instant access to travel guide content


Learn destination’s highlights, reading the extensive background information the applications include.

Explore your favourite destination. Save time getting around, so you can make the most of your trip, since every place of interest is included on application’s map.

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Take a photo journey through fascinating pictures.


We show you what other guides only tell you. Browse through amazing images and feel the atmosphere of the place.


Browse through amazing images of the photo journey section and feel the mood of the place

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