Greco Philia: Suites & Villas Of Seamless Mykonian Luxury

Luxurious and pampering, Greco Philia Luxury Suites & Villas lavishes travelers with discreet service in plush refinement. Elegant and harmonious, this summer getaway is the perfect place for guests to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a unique holiday ambience.

Greco Philia’s  boutique Suites & Villas combine contemporary style with a romantic atmosphere and privacy. that offer everything today’s experienced traveler may demand regarding sophisticated accommodation.

Stunning views over the Aegean Sea greet you as you enter this spectacular property that provides the backdrop to a unique summer getaway. The exceptional amenities and impeccable services allow guests to relax in style.

Forget about nightclubs and the Mykonian party vibe. Mykonos has a calmer side, filled with tranquility, culture and cherished moments. A dazzling white colored wonder calling for amazing experiences in serene ambience.

Shimmering turquoise waters, quaint architecture and the beginning of your summer dreams.

Exceptional vistas of clear turquoise waters can be enjoyed from the hilltop position of this exclusive retreat at Elia Beach. Greco Philia, a luxury art-boutique hotel, features 26 Suites and Villas, all built in a traditional Mykonian style mixed with modern architecture.

White colors, wood and local stone are harmoniously combined with the typical whitewashed style of Mykonos. Every Suite and Villa is inspired by and named after a famous Artist, while featuring contemporary or classic artwork, minimalistic furnishings, and the finest in Mykonian style.

Crafted with modern, forward thinking travelers in mind, all suites and villas are individually and expertly designed with sophisticated amenities.

A matrix of beautiful landscaped gardens, local stone arches, stairs and passages link the pool, bar, restaurant and common areas creating a small paradise. Greco Philia exemplifies the very best in contemporary style, state of the art innovation and intelligent comfort.

A place for you to dream. The resort has been expanded and refurbished during the winter season 2014-2015 and new houses and facilities have been built.