Greek islands on top of Lonely Planet’s value travel destinations for 2014

Holidays in the Greek Islands is at the top of  Lonely Planet’s value travel destinations list for 2014.  According to Lonely Planet writers, “Greece still does what it’s done brilliantly for generations”, regarding the sunburnt beauty of Greek Islands combined with the ancient culture. Greece is having bad times due to the economic crisis, but this is not something to discourage anyone from travelling to Greece. On the contrary, this have led business owners to price reduction in order to attract more visitors, while one can enjoy the famous beaches and ancient sites with less visitors .

It’s about time for your dream of travelling to Greece come true! Your wallet would really appreciate it.
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Lonely Planet’s carefully picked value travel destinations for 2014 list:
1. Greek Islands
2. Italy’s horn
3. Nicaragua
4. Bulgaria
5. Portugal
6. Fiji
7. Mexico
8. Karnataka, India
9. Palawan, the Philippines
10. Ethiopia

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Lonely Planet’s best value travel destinations for 2014