Holidays in Syros

Holidays in Syros – The omphalion of Greece

Syros offers a taste of pure Greek Island spirit, in its most elegant form. The “duchess” of the Cyclades Islands cluster and the “nymph” of the Aegean Sea as it is called, bears an exceptional nobleness that enchants visitors at the very first sight.

“Syros is almost the navel of Greece.It is the capital of elegance and nobility. Who could actually imagine that he would ever meet such a world planted on a rock in the middle of the Aegean?”  These are the words of Theophile Gautier, the French romantic poet referring to the charming island of Syros, in the beginnings of the 19th century.

Holidays in Syros


Ermoupolis, the capital of the island, is the center of the Aegean Sea and a city of unique history and architecture. Amphitheatrically built on one of the biggest and safest ports of Aegean, the city features neoclassical buildings, old mansions, marble and stone-paved streets, squares, churches, mausoleums, and white-washed houses on the surrounding hills, cascading down to the harbor. The island is also safe for children, as you will notice local kids playing out in the squares till late, proving Syros is an ideal family destination.

Holidays in Syros

Megas Gialos beach

The island, attractive and generous to the visitor, offers mild summers to enjoy in amazing beaches, while featuring a vast of beautiful buildings, settlements, museums and history to explore in the scenic picturesque backdrop of the island.
Inspiring Syros is also mother of notable Greek people such as the great rembetis and buzuki player, Markos Vamvakaris, the renown satirical poet, Giorgos Souris, the famous writer and journalist, Emmanuel Roidis, the writer and first president of the International Olympic Committee, Demetrius Vikelas, as well as the mythical character in Homer’s Odyssey, Eumeus who was Odysseus‘ swineherd and loyal friend!

Enjoy family vacations or a romantic getaways in Syros and spend you time with value in a scenic, elegant scenery you will cherish!