Island Hopping In The Dodecanese


To some, the phrase is synonymous with slowing down. For others, it signifies having the freedom they want. Either way, “island hopping” means travelling wherever you want, whenever you want. And never before have there been so many choices in the Dodecanese complex.

Starting from Karpathos there is a great variety of landscapes, making it perfect for outdoor activities; world-class surfing beaches, roads with soft hills ideal for cycling, and crystal clear blue waters for swimming and snorkeling.

Next comes the secluded island of Tilos, only few miles away from Rhodes. Due to its small size and the long distance from the mainland, Tilos has managed to keep intact its traditional character.

The beautiful island of sponge divers, Kalymnos, is listed on the top of the island hopping destinations. Only a few hours far away from Kos and three-hour speedboat trip from Rhodes, The Kalymnian landscape is rocky. Its majestic mountain slopes are fragranced with thyme, sage and oregano – essential ingredients in the delicious honey for which the island is famous.

Last but not least, the volcanic island of Nisyros only 8 miles away from Tilos and 10 miles away from Kos, a small mountainous island with dormant volcanic craters that still exudes fumes today. Walk amongst the hills from the town to the port of Mandraki and spend a day exploring the unique volcanic island.