Kefalonia among the most romantic alternatives for Valentine’s Day

Romantic souls and savvy travellers, forget about Paris and Venice on Valentine’s Day and find your perfect romantic getaway in Kefalonia! Kefalonia is featured on prestigious Conde Nast Traveler’s list among the “10 Alternatives to Famous Romantic Spots” for Valentine’s Day that are equally beautiful—and without all the loved-up tourists.

As the travel editor notes, Kefalonia is an idyllic spot offering dramatic sunsets and pristine beaches, just as Santorini,  but way too serene, without the crowds. In Kefalonia, you can live your romance among “long, empty stretches of white sand, towering limestone cliffs, and deep, lush valleys. Spend Valentine’s Day exploring the enchanting caverns of Drogarati, sailing to Ithaca on a glass-bottomed boat, poking around the castle ruins of sleepy Assos, or lying out doing absolutely nothing at all.”
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