Mykonos Little Venice

Mykonos Little Venice: A place to let yourselves get lost

Mykonos Little Venice is not just a top place to visit in Mykonos but one of the most stunning places on earth! Located in the southwest end of the harbor in Chora, features magnificent view and a breathtaking sunset, which is not to be missed. At that time, the waves turn golden and gently kiss the bank, splashing water on people who sit along the waterfront.
The traditional, multicolored houses, owned by rich merchants and captains of the 18th century, give the impression of floating on water, since they stand on the very waterfront and get hit by the waves in case of wild wind. The narrow streets form a labyrinth, originally designed to confuse pirates in case they attacked the town. Today, they open up a new world to explore. Mykonos Little Venice is the place to let yourself get lost!

little venice by night

Mykonos Little Venice by night

The idyllic beauty of Little Venice attracts highly acclaimed artists who have made this charming neighbourhood of Mykonos their home. During the years, Little Venice has been an inspiring theme featured in paintings and etchings.
There is a variety of things to do in this magnificent spot. You can visit art galleries and exhibitions, stroll around the scenic setting and enjoy sunset cocktails by the waterfront before you party all night long in fancy bars and clubs.

little venice view to the windmills

View to the windmills from Little Venice

Mykonos Little Venice is the place to leave your heart at. Feel its vibes!