Mykonos Windmills: A trademark of summer in Greece

It has been said that no trip to Greece is complete without visiting the windmills in Mykonos. Moreover, like most of the attractions in Mykonos, the windmills are one of Mykonos landmarks and part of the island’s history. From a distance one can easily figure out the windmills, courtesy of their silhouette.

Most of them are concentrated  in the neighborhood of Chora and some are scattered  in and around Alevkantra. These innovative mechanisms were used for crushing agricultural production. In all there were 16 such windmills in operation.


Mykonos was situated on a major trade route. The grain production needed to be refined and compacted for the sea transport. Combined with the winds that blow on Mykonos,  the windmills idea was born. Since easy access to the harbor was necessary, the windmills were located right near the harbor and most of them were concentrated in the western part of the town. As the industrialization started to spread, the importance of the windmills declined and so did their number.

Over 20 windmills exist in Mykonos and they have been used for grinding the agricultural products. Circular and painted in white, with a conical roof made of wood, their silhouette can be seen on the heights above Hora or near Alevkantra. They still function and are brought to life by the wind that blows 200- 300 days a year.


In 1700, the cluster with the 11 windmills had already been developed and operated. Today, the Windmill of Geronymos (private) which used to operate until the 60’s is in the best condition and the greatest part of its equipment has been preserved. The mills are not used for grinding anymore, but they are still important for the historical heritage they carry. Some of them have been restored and now serve as museums (i.e. Bonis mill) while others have been restored and are used as dwellings.

The Windmills are considered one of the most romantic spots in Mykonos. Enjoy special moments in the summer breeze just for the two of you while enjoying a magnificent view, especially at sunset in a deep red surrounding!