Patmos: “The Island of the Apocalypse”


Patmos:   “The Island of the Apocalypse”

One of the northernmost islands of the Dodecanese, the small island of Patmos is most famous for being the location of both the vision and the writing of the Christian Bible’s Book of Revelation.

This place is absolutely stunning. Going up the mountain and finally seeing the panorama of the island and the white washed houses is really spectacular. The volcanic geology, with basalt formations pointing evocatively skyward and quirky islets floating just offshore, add to the island a clearly spiritual atmosphere. Excellent beaches and arguably the most varied clientele of any Greek island, ranging from backpackers to current and deposed European royalty, rank Patmos to the top Greek island destinations.

In the south, Psili Ammos it is only accessible by taxi-boat from Skala or an hour round-trip at the Diakoftis isthmus. Although the sand shelves gently, it is a reliably windy place with gentle surf.  Heading to the north there is Lambi beach, 250m of purple, grey, tan, tawny, pale or patterned volcanic pebbles, irresistible to beach-combers though a sign forbids their collection. While colorful, with interesting formations from corrosion, are the rocks on the right side too.  Many people prefer Vagia beach just east of the Kambos,a great beach covered with coarse sand, gravel and pebbles, with perhaps Patmos’ cleanest waters.

There are several important ancient sites at the top of Patmos, but if you don’t want to venture to another archaeological site, the harbor towns are for delightful strolls. A visit to the cave of Saint John reveals Patmos’ spiritual side. The smaller monastery of the Apocalypse, halfway down the hill from Hora, grew up around the cave where the Evangelist heard the voice of God and set down his Revelations.

If you are going to Patmos on a cruise, make sure to not spend too much time down below the mountain. Pictures that you will take there will never compare to the ones that you will take up in the mountain, so just take the ride and waste no time.

White washed houses in a warren of tiny streets with buildings covered in the most outrageous flowers await travelers in Patmos! Meet the friendly local people, lots of kitties and the dozens of little shops!