Romantic getaways in Kefalonia – Tips from the locals

Live your romance in scenic settings in Kefalonia and let the divinity of nature be the ideal backdrop in you most dreamy moments in Kefalonia. The top spots:


Romantic getaways in Kefalonia - Tips from the localsIf you and your other half want to have a romantic evening with a special view on your sight, then you definitely have to go to Fanari, which is very close to Argostoli. The sunset, the sea breeze and the unique architecture of the lighthouse will thrill you.



Argostoli waterfront

Argostoli_paraliaIf you seek a romantic spot in Argostoli you don’t need to go far! What  better than a nice promenade along the waterfront to enjoy the sea view, the sailing boats and the mooring fish boats? Continue your walk to Koutavos lagoon and the lovely park, watch the swans and feed the ducks. On your way there, you may encounter Loggerhead sea turtles Caretta-Caretta, an endangered species appearring often in these waters.



A charming spot near Fanari, featuring a unique underwater phenomenon. The unique style of the club in the seaside, under an amazing sunset will make those moments unforgettable.



Napier Garden

Argostoli_Napier_gazeboA real oasis inside Argostoli, a small hill in lush greenery and trees. There, you will definitely meet more couples enjoying a walk at the park or relishing the tranquility of nature.




DeBosset Bridge

Romantic getaways in Kefalonia - Tips from the localsThe bridge is the biggest monument in Argostoli and the largest stone bridge on a sea water body. All words are needless for a breathtaking walk in the colours of the sunset, when the night falls with a panoramic view of Argostoli.




fiscardoFiscardo Village was left virtually unscathed by the 1953 earthquake and as such boasts more original examples of local architecture than anywhere else on Kefalonia. A walk around the narrow alleys and the waterfront will grant you and your other half a sense of time traveling, unique moments never to be forgotten.



DSC_6354This is a beautiful place near Sami. A small lake right next to the sea, a lovely, picturesque scenery which get completed with the voices of the ducks and the refreshing noise of the watermill. Feel the romantic essence of the landscape, as if you are part of a postcard.



Gero Gobos

Gero Gompos 03One of the most famous lighthouses in Greece, in a calm, charming spot where you feel like the whole Ionian Sea washes your feet.




Agios Georgios Castle

San georges castleWhen you reach the castle and sit on the broadening, a physical balcony with amazing view right before the entrance, you will find out why the spot is considered as one of the most romantic places of the island. Do not miss the events in the full moon, the scenery is amazing!



Petani Beach

petanoi7While descending to Petani beach, close to Lixouri city, you will see the divine beauty of Kefalonia. The miracle of nature paints the nightfall in unique colours. And the beauty doesn’t stop there. Go down and walk at the beach with your partner, just stunning!




Agia Efimia

DSC_7068A stroll at the beach, especially at the waterfront promenade and around the seaside area hand by hand with your other half, will grant you unforgettable romantic moments. Grab the opportunity to ride the horse-drawn carriage and let yourselves get lost in romance!