Thalassa, a la carte Restaurant: A Paradise of Gastronomy in Kalafatis Beach

Who would imagine that a hotel restaurant would be considered among the best restaurants in Mykonos? Thalassa, a la carte restaurant, “Thalassa” being the Greek word for sea, is located on Kalafatis beach and is known as a paradise of gastronomy.

Anyone who wishes to enjoy  fine dining in Mykonos should definitely pay a visit to Thalassa restaurant in Kalafatis. Traditional Mediterranean dishes are served in an agreeable environment, where the “art de la table” makes dining an exceptional experience.

Thalassa is not just another a la carte restaurant in Mykonos; it is embodied with  high-quality hospitality standards, and this is why it is one of the finest restaurants in Kalafatis.

Will you give it a try?

Gastronomy is an art and the customers of Thalassa Restaurant realize it right from the moment they enter this a la carte restaurant at Kalafatis beach.

The aesthetic journey is initiated through the restaurant’s atmosphere, its Cycladic decoration and the magnificent view on the blue Mykonos’ sea.

Dining at Thalassa in Kalafatis beach, is a true pleasure; meals are based on fresh meat from a privately owned farm, fresh fish and seafood from the seas of Mykonos.

This restaurant makes dining in Mykonos a unique experience, with the highly trained chefs cooking delicious meals based on traditional Mediterranean recipes, but enriching them with their creative ideas and renewing them regularly.