The fascinating folklore of Easter celebrations in Santorini

If you have planned an Easter Break in Santorini, enjoy the fascinating Holy Week Folklore and get delighted by the spectacular local Easter traditions. The warm spirit of the people and the glorious festivities will make for a memorable, heart-warming experience, no matter your religious beliefs.

It’s spring and Santorini is in bloom, nature is in celebratory mood! So are the people, let’s see some of the locals’ most inspiring customs.

Good Friday at Pyrgos village: A spectacular experience of thousands of candles enlightening the village, creating a mystical and unique ambient, worth to live! The entire village (every house, every roof top, every church, every path) is lit and, while approaching Pyrgos from below is one of the most incredible sights you will ever see. The village is ablaze and the procession starts to meander through the tiny streets and laneways. Hundreds of people holding candles line the narrow streets and slowly follow the procession around the village.

easter santorini

The tradition of ‘Lazarus’ and the “burning of Judas” in Perissa: ‘Lazarus’ is a big wooden cross covered with rosemary and flowers, made in the morning of Lazarus Saturday (the day before Palm Sunday) and kept ornated until the day before Easter Sunday. At this day, it is uncovered and displayed at the main square of the village or outside the church until Ascention Day. On Easter Sunday in Perissa village,  the locals hang an effigy of Judas and shoot it until it burns. The same day, at the main square of Pyrgos takes place a symbolic trial against Judas and then people burn his effigy.

the procession of judas santorini

People in every village and city around Greece, celebrate Easter in their traditional local way. But , it ‘s a promise, there aren’t many as spectacular as Pyrgos on a Good Friday night!