The other side of Mykonos: Tranquility and culture far from restless partying

Apart from a worldwide known party destination, Mykonos is a dazzling white coloured wonder calling for amazing experiences in serene ambience.

Enjoy long, quiet morning strolls and shopping in Chora, as it is near-empty when the clubbers sleep off their hangovers. That time of the day Chora returns to the indigenous lifestyle and sense: Ladies watering pots of flowers than lay on their windows and bougainvillea covering the walls while  fishermen prepare for their daily routine and elderly men look after the tiny chapels built in almost every Mykonian house. Let yourselves get wonderfully lost in Chora.

In the evening, leaving Chora’s main promenade, head to the port  and take your pick from the catch of the day in a fish tavern of your choice.  As the evening passes by, it would be perfect to spend some time in a luxury hotel in Mykonos, have a Spa session and feel revitalized.
Visiting Delos island, the birthplace of Gods  Apollo and Artemis, is a must. Embark on a scheduled boat ride from Mykonos harbour and give your self the chance to experience one of the most spiritual journeys to time.

Back to Mykonos, it’s late afternoon, the sun is not too hot and feels like the perfect time for a sea dip in a serene beach. Drive to the north coast, where beaches are less crowded, mostly preferred by the locals and enjoy a quiet swim beautiful, crescent shaped sandy beach, such  as Ftelia beach.
For your night out, continue to Ano Mera village, a quintessential village in the heart of Mykonos island, merge with the locals at a taverna and spend memorable moments, infused with an authentic Mykonian Aura.