The Pompeii of the Aegean in Santorini



Santorini is not just sentiment and dusks, it is additionally a place for time traveling. Visit the Archeological site of Akrotiri and the Ancient City of Thira and set yourselves in the rich way of life of pre Christian time.

Akrotiri: Akrotiri is the uncovering site of a Minoan Bronze Age settlement, connected with the Minoan human advancement because of engravings in Linear An and likenesses in relic and fresco styles. The removal is named after a cutting edge Greek town arranged on a slope close-by, while the name of the site in classical times is obscure. Akrotiri was covered by the across the board Theran emission amidst the second thousand years BC, amid the Late Minoan time frame. Therefore, it is amazingly all around saved. On account of its magnificent condition of safeguarding and the abundance of discovers it has yielded, it is the most essential ancient settlement found in the Eastern Mediterranean. Akrotiri could be portrayed as the Pompeii of the Aegean.

Frescoes, pottery, furniture, propelled seepage frameworks and three-story structures have been found at the site, amid the unearthings that began in 1967 by Spyridon Marinatos. Uncovered antiques have been introduced in an exhibition hall inaccessible from the site (Museum of Prehistoric Thera), with many articles and works of art displayed.

Works of art of vervet monkeys were found on the island, implying that the monkey was available around 2000 BC.


Ancient City of Thera: The Old City lies on an edge of the lofty, 360 m high Messavouno mountain. The key position of the zone pulled in the Lakedaemonian colonizers of the island who established their city using the limestone shake of Mesa Vouno as a characteristic post. It was named after the legendary leader of the island, Theras, and was possessed from the ninth century BC until the spread of Christianity . That period, the city of Mesa Vouno was the main urban focus in the island. The site gloats artifacts, for example, the Sanctuary of Artemis, the Forum, the Royal Stoa, the Temple of Apollo Karneios, the Basilistai House, the Gymnasium of the Epheboi, a theater and the Terrace of Festivals. Old Thera is interested in the general population and can be come to through t a winding street that begins at Kamari.

As the guests stroll through the cobbled lanes of the antiquated city among structures that are normally high, they can understand its shape and the way the settlement was sorted out, know its landmarks and feel the way of life of its inhabitants, while appreciating the heavenly view to the Aegean.