Thessaloniki youth capital 2014

Thessaloniki European Youth Capital 2014

Youngsters and young at heart,  this winter pack your backpacks for Thessaloniki city! Thessaloniki is selected as the european youth capital for 2014 and has already got into action by organizing, supporting and creating events all around the city.

A modern, cosmopolitan city, with its lively streets, vibrant nightlife and art scene, Thessaloniki is the youthful centre of Greece while carries a long cultural history which is rather obvious from the landmarks adorning the city. Thus, offers a wealth of interesting sights to visit.

The city hosts annually important cultural events such as the International Film Festival, the International Documentary Festival and the International Book Fair , deservedly holding the title of a major culture city among the EU. Additionally, various music festivals and concerts are organised throughout the year.

Thessaloniki European Youth Capital 2014

The party has started!

Being the second largest city in Greece, it features well-developed infrastructure, in terms of urban fabric and public transports. The airport, train station, international bus network and motorways serve the city, while low-cost airlines bring thousands of young people to Thessaloniki all year round.

Famous for its everyday life and its friendly profile, the city offers a massive selection of cafes as well as restaurants, tavernas and ouzeris. In addition, Thessalonikis’ nightlife is second to none, with a plethora of alternative bars and  clubs. After all, Thessaloniki is the city that never sleeps.

Take a short, photo walk tour among the most popular Thessaloniki attractions and hot spots here:
Thessaloniki Attractions: A photo walk tour.

Thessaloniki, the nymph of Thermaikos gulf as it is called, has always been a vivid city, with youthful energy and innovative events.Its about time for everyone to feel its vibes. You are invited!