Things to do in Chania

Things to do in Chania: The Town

Enjoy a stroll around the scenic setting and discover a wealth of things to do in Chania where the Venetian, Turkish, traditional and modern architecture create a charming mash-up, in a picturesque yet cosmopolitan ambiance.

The Old Port

Thing to do in Chania: The town

Things to do in Chania: The town – The Egyptian Lighthouse

You don’t need to be familiar with Chania to know the Old Port of the city. Built in 1320 by the Venetians, yet vivid and modern, you will enjoy every single step around your strolls here. Start your walk from the Museum of Maritime History in the notable red building up to Giali Tzamisi (Mosque of the Seaside, in Turkish), a well preserved historical building of the city which now serves as a space for exhibitions and events. During your walk, the impressive Egyptian Lighthouse in the background will be guiding your steps. Interesting to know that it is one of the oldest lighthouses that is still preserved today, not only in Greece and the Mediterranean, but also in the world.


The Venetian Neoria

Thing to do in Chania :The town

Things to do in Chania :The town – The Maritime Museum

Neoria or Arsenalia, however you prefer to call them, is a complex of stone-built houses on the eastern side of the port, that served as dockyards in the past. Although they are abandoned, the buildings are still impressive in their grand volume and their arch-facades. Among them, the most impressive and well preserved is the “Grand Arsenal”, which nowadays houses the Center of Mediterranean Architecture.




The Old Town

Things to do in Chania: The town

Things to do in Chania: The town – at the Old town

The old town of Chania is distinguished for its picturesque historical districts with the unique architecture that defines the cultural character of the area. Begin your stroll behind the Old Port and the Neoria and let yourselves get lost in the narrow alleys, where you will stumble upon Venetian buildings, hidden arches, traditional shops and many surprising spots of interest.