Best Things to do in Ithaca on a day trip

Northeast of Kefalonia, at a distance of 2 nautical miles, lies Ithaca, a small island with big name, beautiful and unspoiled by mass tourism.
When you are in Kefalonia, it definitely worth it to spend at least one day to explore Ithaca.
For you expedition in Ithaca, you need to take your car, since there is no public transport in the island. Start your day early in the morning, to make sure that you are in Sami on time to catch the boat to Ithaca. Shortly, in approximately 40 min trip, you will reach Piso Aetos port, in southwest Ithaca.

Now, let the journey to the land of legendary Odysseus begin!

From Piso Aetos port, head north to the Cave of the Nymphsa steep cave  adorned with stalagmites, with two entrance doors: As legend has it,  one is for the gods, the other for the mortals.

Things to do in Ithaca on a day trip

Vathi Settlement

Continue your expedition with a tour in Vathi, the biggest village of the island. It is a picturesque village of about 2000 inhabitants, built amphitheatrically around a deep and sheltered bay with a narrow entrance.  At the Northwest of Vathi, one can clearly see Lazaretto,  a pretty islet in lush greenery.

The closest beach to Vathi and one of the most famous in Ithaca, is Filiatro beach, an  organised beach with colourful pebbles and warm, shallow, crystal waters. After your refreshing sea dip, head north and take the ascending road to Kathara Monastery, perched on the south-eastern peak of  Mount Nirito, offering great view to the Ionian Sea.

Things to do in Ithaca on a day trip

View from Kathara monastery

Complete your tour in Ithaca with a visit to the picturesque settlement of Kioni, where you can choose a tavern to relax and taste the local delicacies.

Early in the evening, you have to be back to the port of Piso Aetos to catch the last boat to Kefalonia, but you will definitely come back for more!