Top 6 wild swims in Santorini

It may not come as an astound that Santorini is a radiant shoreline goal, however not all shorelines are made with a similar wonder. Santorini’s tremendous coastline is home to probably the most perfect shorelines in Greece which are the perfect spot to unwind after an energizing experience around the island. The greater part of the shorelines are the cures of a tremendous volcanic blast a huge number of years back. With a long assortment of brilliant, red or dark sand shorelines, you can undoubtedly consolidate shoreline unwinding alongside shoeless strolls under the Greek sun. The individuals who like to lie back and simply drench up the shoreline environment won’t be baffled either with pristine shorelines where it is conceivable to locate your own cut of shoreline heaven for yourself. Whether your need is chilling, jumping or enterprise let us manage you through Santorini’s shoreline top choices.

The Red Beach


The most amazing of all the shorelines in Santorini is in actuality the Red Beach. Everything here is red from the forcing precipices, to the sand and the rocks. When you visit the shoreline you will feel as you are entering a Star Trek motion picture set. As perfectly clear blue ocean touches the red bluffs swimming can be an entrancing background reminding pictures from planet Mars.

The White Beach


A little white pebbled shoreline that is practically private! White Beach can be come to by pontoon from the town Akrotiri or by walking along the way. Appreciate swimming in reflect like waters and having before you the forcing white bluff.

Perissa Beachsantorin_perissa_1

Situated on the southeastern part of the island Perissa Beach and surely understood for its extensive variety of watersports, for example, wind surfing, jumping, planes skis furthermore its water stop, all under the eye of a lifeguard. A one of a kind shoreline in Santorini where you can join watersports and unadulterated magnificence.

Vlyhada Beach

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For the individuals who need to investigate a more quiet shoreline of the island and stay away from the crowed ones Vlyhada Beach is the best decision. Appreciate the brilliant Greek sun; sunbathe on the shoreline while ocean breeze gradually touches the skin. During the time nature has made dazzling shapes in the sand and on the stones of Vlyhada Beach, that can really contend the manifestations of high aesthetic motivation.

Kamari Beach

kamari beach

The most open beach of Santorini and blue flag awarded Kamari beach is perfect for those looking for solace and fun. Five kilometers of black sand the shoreline is set on the eastern part of the island. Entertain yourself to the tasty Santorinian recipies on the closest bars and have fun at the water sport centers focuses all joined by the exceptional view of Kamari.

Perivolos Beach


Situated on the southern tip of Santorini Perivolos is another less swarmed shoreline with long dark thick sand and deep crystal waters. Here visitors are able to test their abilities in a wide range of watersports and have a life-changing diving experience. The shoreline is the perfect scene for sentimental weddings and beach parties that are usually organized during the summertime.