Top honeymoon destinations 2014: Greek Islands

This just in! Greek islands are second top honeymoon destination worldwide, according to a recent survey conducted by the popular Asian booking site

When it comes to choose the honeymoon destination, everyone demands a most dreamy location to complete in awe the beginning of a new era in a couple’s life. Greek islands, along with Maldives, are the most popular honeymoon destinations for more than 15.000 people that voted in the survey, conducted online in January and February 2014.

The result shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Greece blends romance, tradition and breathtaking sceneries in a unique combination. Beautiful islands with quaint architecture, amazing sunsets and infinite blue, such as Santorini and Mykonos, charming towns blending history and culture like Corfu or Rhodes, exotic beaches in Crete and Kefalonia, plenty of secluded landscapes of unique beauty to spend moments of pleasure and create memories to cherish.

The complete results of the survey:

Maldives — 20.3%
Greek Islands — 7.8%
Paris — 7.6%
Bali — 7.1%
Hawaii — 6.6%
Italy — 6.5%
Caribbean Islands — 5.7%
Tahiti — 5.6%
New Zealand — 5.2%
Istanbul — 3.8%
Phuket — 3.5%
Australia — 3.4%
Prague — 2.8%
Las Vegas — 2.7%
New York — 2.5%
Spain — 2.5%
Cancun — 2.4%
Rio de Janeiro — 2.2%
Croatia — 1.0%
Montreal — 0.9%

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