Top things to do in Skiathos

Skiathos island calls for unforgettable experiences, not only on its amazing beaches. With a rich cultural heritage and a wealth of things to do in its scenic cosmopolitan town and the nearby areas, Skiathos promises delightful moments for all tastes! Let’s explore the top things to do in Skiathos:
A walk to Bourtzi   The small pine covered peninsula between the two harbours of Skiathos, is the main cultural point and the greener part of the main town. Built in 1207  from the Gizi brothers, Bourtzi used to be a fort, also known as “Saint George’s Castle”, named after the chapel that was there. The bust of Alexandros Papadiamantis, a well- known local author, adorns the entrance of the building from 1925. Have a sit at the municipal cafe and enjoy the view of the deep blue sea.

Skiathos Boutzi (2)

Open Air Cinema: Spend an evening with Mamma Mia fun at the Open Air Cinema in Papadiamantis Street. ABBA dressed staff, dance and non stop interaction with the crowd alongside the film make for an experience to remember.

mamma mia

Get wonderfully lost in Chora Starting from the Old Port, stroll around the mazey alleys of Chora and enjoy the beauty hidden in small details: Colourful corners, blooming flowers  in big jars, blue shutters, cats idling around. Let scenic beauty dominate your sight. Even if you can’t find your way back,  you will are not lost Chora is amphitheatrically built and all roads lead back to the port.

chora cat

Kastro A great surprise awaits you at the northeastern part of the island! As if a goddess of the sea, Kastropolitia (Castle City) emerges from the waters.  Built on craggy rocks, the medieval capital of the island had more than 20 churches and 300 homes, all derelict now, but the scenery is spectacular.  The hike is not very easy but that view to the perfect blue sea is absolutely rewarding. You may reach this medieval town either by car/motorbike or by boat.


Papadiamanti Museum  Alexandros Papadiamantis was an influential novelist, born in Skiathos. The island figures prominently in his works. His house is open to the public as museum and one can see photographs, personal belongings, furnishings and clothings of the great author.


A panoramic view of Chora  Few stairs and an incline street will lead you to Saint Nickolas’  Clock Tower. From up there you can see Skiathos descending amphitheatrically to the sea. From the highest point of Chora enjoy the view to the red rooftops, the picturesque Old Harbor, Bourtzi and the infinite blue of Aegean Sea.


The famous pillows Chill out and enjoy your coffee or cocktail at the famous pillows bar at the old port. Slip in those colourful pillows, feel the youthful energy of the island and get yourselves ready for a vibrant night out.