Day trips from Thessaloniki – Vergina Archaeological Site

Day trips from Thessaloniki; Vergina Archaeological Site

While visiting the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, why don’t you make a small break and take a detour, down the historic town of Vergina for a daytrip?
Vergina is a small town in northern Greece, located in Central Macedonia and 
approximately 85 km southwest of Thessaloniki, a 55 minutes drive.

Vergina became famous in 1977, when excavations in the foothills of Mt. Pieria brought to light one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Greece, the site of the Royal Tombs of the first capital of ancient kingdom of Macedonia, called Aigai. These Royal Tombs are thought to be the burial sites of the kings of Macedon, including the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great and the site is protected by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.

Vergina Archaeological Site

Findings from Vergina Archaeological Site

Visit the monumental palace, which is lavishly decorated with mosaics, the ruins of an acropolis, the theatre, shrines and private buildings as well as the extensive graveyard of the ancient city of Aigai and travel back into an era with mighty kings and glorious victories. Two of the most important finds exhibited, are the golden urn containing the bones of Philip II and his myrtle golden wreath.

Apart from the historic part of your daytrip you can enjoy shopping at the souvenir shops, relax at cafes or taste some of the traditional dishes of Vergina at the local taverns and grills, especially around the area of the archaeological site.

Vergina Archaeological Site

Vergina Town