Winter destinations in Greece

Best winter destinations – Kaimaktsalan ski center

Greece features inspiring beauty not only with its superb islands and beaches during summer. The mountainous mainland offers exceptional alpine scenery, all year long, especially in winter time. Find great winter destinations in Greece not only for winter travellers and adventurous natures but also for families. Lets explore the vast activities one can do in a winter travel to Greece, by visiting mountain Kaimaktsalan in Pella and around, on a weekend trip that has it all: Winter activities at Kaimaktsalan Ski Center, soothing baths at Pozar thermal baths, majestic scenery at Lake Vegoritida and fairytale watery landscape at Edessa town :

Mountain Kaimaktsalan

Kaimaktsalan or Kaimaki is a mountain on the border between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. It is the southernmost and highest peak, 2,524 metres (8,281 ft), of a mountain belt, known in Greek as the Voras Mountains and in Macedonian as Nidže. Kaimaktsalan is in the list of European ultra prominent peaks. The mountain features a wide range of flora in extended areas of mixed forests (including oaks, chestnuts, firs, beech and pine trees), deep dales, gorges and grasslands. 10 km far from the traditional settlement of Aghios Athanasios and 45 km from the city of Edessa, there is a ski resort centre with plenty of facilities. Voras Mountain is the third highest mountain in Greece after Olympos (2917 m.) and Smolikas (2637 m.), with an altitude of 2524 m., on the peak of which stands Kaimaktsalan Ski Center. The view from the mountain is amazing, since one can see with the naked eye as far as Thermaikos Gulf, the peak of Olympos Mountain and, of course, the 3-5 Pigadia Ski Center in Naoussa, which is across from the peak.

The word “Kaimaktsalan” is of Ottoman Turkish origin inspired by its white, snowy peak: kaymakçalan means ‘kaimak beater’.­­­

Winter destinations in Greece - Kaimaktsalan

Pozar Thermal Baths

At the foot of Kaimaktsalan, close to the town of Aridea and Loutraki Village, lies a natural pool with warm, soothing water, surrounded by wild flora, waterfalls and steep cliffs. The hot springs are known for their relieving abilities. Explore the prehistoric caves, walk the dark forest, enjoy bird watching and combine the Thermal baths with skiing or mountain climbing at Kaimaktsalan.

Lake Vegoritida

At the foothills of mount Voras, spreads the Lake Vegoritida, one of the biggest lakes in Greece both in size and in depth, protected by the Ramshar convention. Set in a majestic alpine-like landscape, the lake is among the most important wetlands in the country.
Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, sailing, canoeing or kayaking, swimming and hiking.

Winter destinations in Greece - Lake Vegoritis

Edessa, the City of Waters

In Edessa city, the natural wealth and beauty attract both day visitors and long-term vacationers. Full of life and vitality, Edessa with the glorious Waterfalls, rivers and traditional watermills, is an ideal base for tours at the destinations of unique beauty described above.
The city itself is poetic and charming, especially in wintertime. Enjoy a walk along the riverbanks of Edesseos, the river that passes through the city, taste the local cuisine and visit the significant attractions. The soundtrack of every activity of yours will be the pleasant sound of running water, promising soothing and relaxing escapes!

Winter destinations in Greece - Edessa
Greece in winter is a whole new world to explore. Prepare yourselves to get amazed in breathtaking winter destinations in Greece, blending snow-covered mountain peaks, colourful watery landscapes and picturesque stone villages and create memories to cherish.