Best things to do in Zante

Zante island, the legendary “flower of the East”, beckons for unforgettable experiences, not only on its amazing beaches. With a rich cultural heritage and a wealth of things to do in its scenic town and the nearby areas, Zante promises delightful moments for all tastes! Let’s explore the best things to do in Zante:

The Blue Caves

The blue Caves are one of the most natural attractions in Zante, after the world known Shipwreck Cove. The Blue Caves were discovered in 1987 by Antonio Komouto and and attract thousands of visitors every year. They are located east of Cape Schinari, almost directly below the lighthouse. Consisting of consecutive chambers which lead to the Great and and the Little Cave, the owe their name to the blue waters, as underwater objects appear with a blue hue. Boat trip to the caves are organized daily.

zante blue caves1b

Keri Sea Caves

One of the unique features of the southwestern coast of Zante is its small heavenly beaches, bays and coves, which, combined with the mountainous landscape landscape, steep cliffs and mysterious caves, compose  a fascinating scenery. The “Kamares” of Keri are two huge natural stone arches, called the Small and the Big Arch. Although very deep, the waters are crystal clear, allowing one to see the base of the arches in the sea bottom. Two huge white rocks, the famous Mizithres, emerge between the caves creating a wonderful scenery. Keri Sea Caves are accessible only by boat.

zante keri view

Mizithres Rocks

The Mizithres are two large and imposing white rocks, which emerge from the crystal clear waters of the southwestern coast. The rocks are named after the Mizithra kind of cheese, as their shape is reminiscent of chunks of the foresaid cheese. MIzithres Rocks belong to a cluster of caves and arches which form the trademark coastline of Keri.

Mizithres rocks

Bohali Hill

Bohali Hill is one of the most scenic regions in Zante, named after its flower filled gardens. Situated 1,5 km right above Zante town, it is one of the most beautiful balconies to give in to magnificent views to the town and the majestic blue of the Ionian sea.

mpohali view

Marathonisi Islet

It is the largest islet in the bay of Lagana, a nestling area of the loggerhead sea turtles Caretta-Caretta. The islet, which is privately owned, was home to the, now ruined, monastery of Virgin Mary.

Rouga Square ( Alexandrou Roma Square)

The picturesque Rouga Square in Zante, currently Alexandrou Roma street, is the most commercial street on the island, surrounded by lots of stories in its five hundred years of history:  Medieval jousts and battles between nobles and commoners, colourful parades, devout processions and nightly serenades with the sweet romantic lyrics of the troubadours.