The most beautiful Green Spots and Parks in Athens

The most beautiful Green Spots and Parks in Athens

A city break to Athens during springtime is a fine choice to enjoy nature at its best, even in the city! Athens features marvellous, vivid and breathing green spots and gardens, to combine the city attractions with the joys of nature.

National Garden of Athens

The most beautiful Green Spots and Parks in AthensLocated between Syntagma Square and the Kallimarmaro Stadium, right in the heart of Athens, the National Garden of Athens is a beautiful area with lush greenery that will help you escape the noisy city centre and relax in a retreat with shade, flowers and a tranquil environment. There are two duck ponds, a children’s playground, a small zoo and a cafe where you can enjoy your afternoon.


The Zappeion Garden

The most beautiful Green Spots and Parks in AthensSituated right next to the National Gardens, the Zappeion Garden is actually forming an extension of the National Garden. It is a a serene get-away from the hustle and bustle, where one can find  wonderfully crafted statues, while the café and restaurant are well worth a visit. A must-see is the imposing architecture of the Zappeion Hall which is used as an exhibition and conference hall.



Athens Botanical Garden

The most beautiful Green Spots and Parks in AthensThe Diomidios Botanical Garden is located in a quite short distance from the centre of Athens and its borders begin from Dromokaitio Hospital and reach till the district of Haidari. A magnificent garden with a rich variety of flora that is yet to be discovered and appreciated both by visitors and natives. An idyllic place for nature lovers and families, as there are facilities like a cafeteria, restaurant and a playground for the children to play.



Attica Zoological Park

The most beautiful Green Spots and Parks in AthensHosting more than 2000 animals from 350 different species, the Attica Zoological Park strives to combine entertainment with education and offers its visitors a unique opportunity of getting closer to nature through the lives of animals from the five continents of the world. It is a private zoo, located in the Athens suburb of Spata. Visit the zoo and enjoy an expanding collection of big cats, birds, reptiles and other animals, including a monkey forest, a Cheetahland and a Dolphinarium.


Park ‘Antonis Tritsis’

The most beautiful Green Spots and Parks in AthensDo not miss the opportunity to visit the Environmental Awareness Park ‘Antonis Tritsis’ that is located on the area named “Queen’s Tower”, in the western part of the urban fabric of Athens, within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Ilion. It is the largest organized green park in the urban fabric of Athens, with six artificial lakes and an artifitial canal, as well as a park with a rich variety of flora and fauna. Truly a treasure of natural beauty and of great importance to the city of Athens.


Lycabettus Hill

lycabettusOne of the most known sites of Athens, the Lycabettus Hill is a Cretaceous limestone surrounded by a forest of pine trees in the center of the city, where on its two peaks there are the 19th century Chapel of St. George, a theatre and a restaurant. It is quite a popular destination for both visitors and natives can be ascended by the Lycabettus Funicular, a funicular railway which climbs the hill from a lower terminus at Kolonaki. The view from the top is priceless, as you can see all the way to Mount Parnes in the north, west to Piraeus and the Saronic Gulf, with the Acropolis sitting half way to the sea.


Strefi Hill

The most beautiful Green Spots and Parks in AthensAt close proximity to Exarcheia Square, the Strefi Hill is a green oasis of small extent in the very centre of the city. Have a break from the frustrating atmosphere of the city and enjoy the sport facilities that are available here or admire the panoramic view of the city from the top of the summer stone theatre. Just follow the beautiful Kallidromiou street that is filled with neoclassic mansions and small, frequented coffee-bars and you will find this hidden jewel of Athens.



Escape from the frenzy of the city life and enjoy long strolls through lush greenery right in the heart of Athens. Sure thing you will have the time of your life!


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