Romantic Getaways in Chania

Lovebirds and intractable romantics, live your romance in Chania and experience moments as if in a movie set. Long strolls in quintessential old town, peaceful evenings in scenic settings over breathtaking,  sweeping vistas, idyllic wetlands and  stunning sunset views  set up a majestic  backdrop for most dreamy moments in Chania.

The Old Venetian Harbour
chaniaa port
A nice evening stroll along the scenic seaside promenade in an old venetian ambience, is always romantic. Reach the famous Lighthouse and spend moments of tranquility just for the two of you with the infinite blue sea at your feet.


Venizelos Family Tombs
view from venizelos tombsSituated on a beautiful park with luscious gardens and cobblestone alleys, this spot is a great getaway to spend moments just for the two of you in the shadow of the pines or at the small cafes, surrounded by stunning panoramic views and breathtaking sunsets.


Chania Public Garden
Chania public garden
An oasis in the heart of the town! Stroll along the luscious garden, relax in the shadow of trees or by the small pond, marvel the Clock Tower. The Public Garden features an open air Cinema, a small zoo including rare indigenous fauna such as Krikri – the unique Cretan Goat and charming café.


Lake Kournas
lake kournas2An idyllic wetland in a luscious landscape, located 4 km south of Georgioupolis, 47 km from Chania.  Small in surface yet full of pleasant surprises; Stroll around the lake, rent a water-bike, watch turtles and birds on their unspoilt natural environment or swim in the crystal clear waters and let the fishes offer you a natural spa. At sunset, the lake fantastically changes into several colour tones, creating a charming ambience. Here you can find nice taverns to enjoy traditional Cretan delicacies.

Vrisses Village (Fountains)
vrisses chania
A quaint village on the foothills of the White Mountains, brimming with trees and rivers. An ideal place to rest, enjoy sheer natural beauty under the canopy of the pine trees and savor traditional Cretan food at the local tavernas.