Best winter destinations - Arachova Greece

Best winter destinations: Arachova Greece

How about shaking things up and visiting Greece at winter for a change? Forget the beautiful sandy beaches, the warmth of the beaming sun and the starry nights. Discover the white slopes of Greece in Arachova, a mountain village in a scenery set up by traditional stone houses with red tiled roofs, cobblestoned streets and authentic local cuisine. Let’s visit Arachova, one of the best winter destinations in Greece.

Well-known and cosmopolitan, the mountainous village of Arachova nests at the foothills of Mt. Parnassus in Viotia, Southern Greece. It is a popular winter resort for winter travellers and families due to the three ski centers of Parnassus that are located in close distance to the village while attracting many visitors also because of its close proximity to the ancient site of Delphi.

Best winter destinations Arachova Greece

The beautiful nature that surrounds Arachova, the traditional architecture and the vivid nightlife create a perfect combination. On one hand, there are the rocky landscapes with the grasslands and the narrow cobblestoned pedestrian streets with the beautiful buildings where one can wander around, breathe the fresh air and relax. On the other hand, Arachova is known for its bustling nightlife with many cafes, bars and clubs to choose from.

While in Arachova, it would be a shame not to visit the two Byzantine churches of the village with their well preserved frescos, the nearby archaeological site of Delphi and the National Park of Parnassus. Moreover, you will have the chance to get involved in outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, sledging etc., or just stay inside and enjoy the blissful white scenery.

Best winter destinations Arachova Greece

The charming village of Arachova offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences and, once there, you will definitely wish to revisit. Either you want to have winter fun or relax by the fireplace; this is the place for you. Above all, Arachova is one of the best winter destinations in Greece!