Kefalonia botanica garden

Kefalonia Botanica Garden – A Mediterranean Garden of Eden

An old, abandoned olive grove beautifully transformed into a lovely luscious garden. The naturally terraced slopes and the small gorge, brimming with wild plants, trees, climbers, bushes, bulbs and brushwood, is a natural Mediterranean environment that hosts the beauty of Greek nature unleashed while promoting the study of plants to students and adults in an idyllic environment as well. Cephalonia Botanica was established in 1998 at the initiative of the Focas-Cosmetatos Foundation. The original aim of the project was to develop a collection of Greek plants for display in a garden situation, with the objectives of education, conservation and recreation
The need to create an educational botanic garden emerged from the fact that, though Greece has the richest and most varied flora in Europe, very few botanic gardens/research centres are located in the country. It is imperative to learn how to preserve plant populations and how to use them in the context of sustainable development

kefalonia botanica 2

A hike along the Garden

Walk through the Garden trails among a variety of Mediterranean plants, cross the small bridge and reach the olive grove where a number of rare wild orchids grow. Here are also the exhibitions “The Study of Plants: a Brief History” and “Herbs and their Uses”.

Crossing the olive grove,  discover a small artificial pond with water plants. Offer yourself some time to relax by the shade of the cypress trees while enjoying the music of the flowing stream. Walking along the rising footpath, you will enter the aromatic herb garden.

The walk through the herb garden will lead you back to the main path. Continuing on your way, reach the highest point of the Garden, where you can enjoy the view and the birdsongs in total peace and tranquility. While descending,  meet the steps leading to the open-air theatre, where music concerts  and plays are often hosted.
The back exit of the theatre will lead you to the rock garden plants and another area of aromatic herbs.

kefalonia botanica garden

How to get there:
Starting from the main square in Argostoli, follow Vergoti Avenue for 1 km to the edge of the town, until the road forks directly in front of you. The left hand fork continues to St George’s Castle and Poros, while the right hand fork. signposted “Cephalonia Botanica’, takes you to the Garden. Follow the road for about 300m, pass the Avin petrol station on your right;30 m after Avin, take a sharp turn to the right. After 300m you will see a final sign near the Garden entrance. Park in the designated area just before the Garden entrance.