RC Boats Racing weekend in Argostoli

Kefalonia brings water  motorsports to the spotlight for a weekend! Motorized spectacle occurring next weekend in Argostoli, as the 18th National R/C Boating Meeting is being held on Saturday 13 and Sunday14, highlighting a different aspect of our cherished destination and transforming Argostoli waterfront and its waters into circuits.

rc boat kefalonia

The Greek National RC Boating Meeting is officially being organized in Kefalonia for the last consecutive years and celebrates its 18th anniversary. The last two years the event is held by the Kefalonian Modellers Association ( S.MO.KE), celebrating water motorsports with the local athletes and hobbyists’ from all around the world.

The event, including shows and competitions of R/C Scale Model Boats and Racing Speed Boats of various types, with participants from all around Greece, will take place at the Port of Argostoli on Saturday, September 13th (09.00 – 14.30, (17:00 –  20:00) and Sunday, September 14th (09.00 -14:00).