Spend a day the local way in Mykonos

Would you like to know the “secret ingredient” in Mykonos spirit? Spend a day the local way in Mykonos and unveil the secrets of well being.

Locals enjoy lying in the sand. No sunbeds today! Wake up early in your hotel in Mykonos and begin your day with a refreshing sea dip. Lie in the soft, warm sand, give in nature’s gifts and be a part of it.

mykonos local way 1

Could it be the water? Embark on a traditional fishing boat, experience a magnificent blue sea trip and learn about the Captain’s adventurous life on the waves.

mykonos local way2

Could it be the food? Taste authentic Mykonian dishes in the most traditional fish taverns preferred by natives and get the most out the local cuisine. Meet quaint, authentic local figures that will enlighten you with the Mykonos spirit. Indulge!

mykonos local way 3