best beaches in mykonos

Best beaches in Mykonos (part 1)

Cosmopolitan, relaxing, family, funky, alternative, sporty, serene or all-day partying, Mykonos features a wide variety of choices for your daily swim. Here is the first part of an introduction to beaches for all tastes!
Aghios Sostis Beach: The most alternative option of the island, with a lack of sun loungers and umbrellas, but with fantastic turquoise waters and golden sand, has for many years attracted the locals and those in search for something different. Abstract dress code, an option to join the nudists and a true pleasure in enjoying the wild beauty of the beach aside those anchoring with the yachts, await you here. Don’t forget to take your mask and flippers. Snorkelling here is an absolute must, especially when the southern winds make the water simply magical.

Best beaches in Mykonos - Agios Sostis

Best beaches in Mykonos – Agios Sostis

Super Paradise Beach: This golden sandy beach hosts the largest beach party in Greece, packed with people enjoying an amazing clubbing experience and full eccentricity. The wild younger patrons have given Super’s afternoon parties a historical reputation. Unwind in a relaxed atmosphere early in the day, and get yourselves ready to party as time passes by. In mid-afternoon, the music gets louder at Super Paradise Beach Bar and  the beach becomes quite “the scene”. Whether dancing on the platforms  or enjoying a cocktail under the trees, find your selves in the hottest beach club in Mykonos.


Aghios Ioannis Beach: One of the most relaxed spots of the island featuring crystal clear waters, golden sand, a sense of peace and ample sun late into the afternoon. Trademarked by the locals who come to eat in the small tavern and restaurants, here you will find fresh fish and seafood.


Best beaches in Mykonos - Agios Ioannis Beach

Best beaches in Mykonos – Agios Ioannis Beach


Agrari Beach: With a peaceful setting and low profile destination for ultimate relaxation, this beach boast blue-green waters excellent views and pale-coloured sand. The closed off bay is seldom affected by the winds, thereby leading to the beach’s positive aspect: its calm waters.

Best beaches in Mykonos - Agrari Beach

Best beaches in Mykonos – Agrari Beach


Paraga Beach: One of the most lovely beaches on the island. On the south coast of Mykonos, Paraga beach features fine pale sand, rocks forming a natural diving platform, umbrellas of dry leaves, restaurants and beach bars under the trees, creating a gorgeous summer scene.

Best Beaches in Mykonos - Paraga beach

Best Beaches in Mykonos – Paraga beach